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The Oasis with a heart of love

Used goods across the world are seen as trendy and now. The Oasis Association for Intellectual Disability has a little “village” of four shops at the corner of Lee and Imam Haron Road, Claremont. The planet benefits, as do shoppers and the Oasis Association, when people with a conscience visit our shops. The social enterprises, as well as bakery and recycling projects, provide Oasis with the means to provide developmental opportunities to more than 600 adults and children with moderate to profound disability. Opportunities include specialised daycare for children, housing through group home living, employment and occupation for adults. Eight services are stretched across the city from Claremont to Delft.

Public participation

The general public have always played a pivotal role in the work of Oasis with gifts of time, expertise, donated stock for shops and recycling materials.

“We are deeply grateful to all who play such a generous role in changing lives. The support is really humbling. Just one book donated can feed a child for a week,” says Gail Bester, Executive Director of the Oasis Association.


Oasis shops in Claremont

The Oasis shops stock furniture, clothing, household goods, books, games and toys, art, CDs/DVDs, electronic/electrical goods and so much more. All of these items are dropped off as donations. Among all sorts of basic household items, lovely décor items, treasures, costume jewellery, vintage clothing and original artworks can be found.


Recycling with Oasis

The recycling drop-off point accepts all paper, cardboard, glass jars, bottles, and aluminium beverage cans. The association appeals to recyclers to keep materials clean and separated, if possible. Oasis does not accept any plastic of any type, and also sells cardboard boxes, glass jars, shredded egg boxes for animal bedding, composting and packaging and various re-usable items.


Confidential document shredding

Oasis’s reputation has grown and they are fast becoming the go-to service for reliable document shredding. There is no fee, but a donation is requested which qualifies for an 18A tax exemption receipt.


Moving house

Inevitably, when packing up and relocating, boxes of unwanted goodies and pieces of furniture become a nuisance factor. “We will be happy to arrange collection, at no fee, for good quality donated, furniture and goods,” says Beraldine Jagers, recycling manager.

For more information on recycling, shredding or collections, email Beraldine at recycling@oasis.org.za