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Decluttering is the new shopping

It’s a simple fact of life, stuff gathers! Despite our best of intentions, things just pile up. Are you downsizing? Or moving? Or, maybe you had to make space for that ‘ remote’ home office. Whatever the reason, you have ‘stuff’ lying around the house. Things you don’t want, don’t use, or are just plain tired of seeing. We can help! It doesn’t matter what it is. Unwanted furniture, electrical appliances, home ware, toys, books, sports gear, we will take it all and more, at no cost, as stock for our shops. You don’t have to wait till you move, to de-clutter and simplify. Do it today! If you have any items you need to dispose of, that are too good to actually throw away, give us a call.

When you donate to a charity like Oasis, you are making someone’s day!  Your unwanted goods, when resold, support the work of Oasis Association for Intellectual Disability.


FREE COLLECTION: For large items such as fridges, beds, couches and other furniture we will even collect for free within the Cape Town area!

How your donation helps:

Most charities accept gently used items, especially furniture and household goods, which can be used for resale. Oasis is no different. We will accept all gently-used items, especially:

  • furniture,
  • household goods,
  • clothes,
  • books
  • and bric-a-brac.

Your unwanted goods are then sold, in one of our Oasis shops or online, to raise money to support our beneficiaries and their families. Our shops are the heartbeat of our income. Without stock we simply cannot support our beneficiaries and their families. Our collection service is willing to collect any larger item of furniture, for free. Including those awkward, hard to transport, larger pieces of furniture or garden items you have been struggling to get rid of.

Items that Oasis accepts:

Oasis will accept:

  • all furniture donations,
  • clothing donations,
  • accessories,
  • dishes and glassware,
  • collectibles,
  • working electronics,
  • books
  • and art.

For smaller items please drop off your previously loved unwanted goods at Oasis in Claremont.

The bottom line:

Donating those items you no longer want or use to charity, benefits everyone. It’s a great way for you to get organized. And, if you are moving, our removing of your excess items will assist in making your move that little bit easier. PLUS, you will be supporting, empowering and assisting the work of Oasis Association for Intellectual Disability. For more information on our collection services email Beraldine at recycling@oasis.org.za

Find us at Corner of Lee and Imam Haron Road, Claremont. Trading hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 3:30pm; Saturdays 9:00am – 1pm


The Oasis with a heart of love

Used goods across the world are seen as trendy and now. The Oasis Association for Intellectual Disability has a little “village” of four shops at the corner of Lee and Imam Haron Road, Claremont. The planet benefits, as do shoppers and the Oasis Association, when people with a conscience visit our shops. The social enterprises, as well as bakery and recycling projects, provide Oasis with the means to provide developmental opportunities to more than 600 adults and children with moderate to profound disability. Opportunities include specialised daycare for children, housing through group home living, employment and occupation for adults. Eight services are stretched across the city from Claremont to Delft.

Public participation

The general public have always played a pivotal role in the work of Oasis with gifts of time, expertise, donated stock for shops and recycling materials.

“We are deeply grateful to all who play such a generous role in changing lives. The support is really humbling. Just one book donated can feed a child for a week,” says Gail Bester, Executive Director of the Oasis Association.


Oasis shops in Claremont

The Oasis shops stock furniture, clothing, household goods, books, games and toys, art, CDs/DVDs, electronic/electrical goods and so much more. All of these items are dropped off as donations. Among all sorts of basic household items, lovely décor items, treasures, costume jewellery, vintage clothing and original artworks can be found.


Recycling with Oasis

The recycling drop-off point accepts all paper, cardboard, glass jars, bottles, and aluminium beverage cans. The association appeals to recyclers to keep materials clean and separated, if possible. Oasis does not accept any plastic of any type, and also sells cardboard boxes, glass jars, shredded egg boxes for animal bedding, composting and packaging and various re-usable items.


Confidential document shredding

Oasis’s reputation has grown and they are fast becoming the go-to service for reliable document shredding. There is no fee, but a donation is requested which qualifies for an 18A tax exemption receipt.


Moving house

Inevitably, when packing up and relocating, boxes of unwanted goodies and pieces of furniture become a nuisance factor. “We will be happy to arrange collection, at no fee, for good quality donated, furniture and goods,” says Beraldine Jagers, recycling manager.

For more information on recycling, shredding or collections, email Beraldine at recycling@oasis.org.za


Reduce your spending by shopping for previously used products at Oasis

In the past we all thought we had to buy brand new products. This way we spent way too much and often our money ran out before the month did. But fast forward a few years and it is now not only acceptable, but it is trendy to shop from “secondhand shops,” or as some would have it, gently used, previously loved or vintage shops.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you call it, pre-loved shopping not only saves money, but it also saves the planet, and often it benefits a wider cause or small local business. We have all seen charity shops, book exchanges, used furniture shops, entire product lines made from recycled materials and objects, and those wonderful boutiques where exquisite clothing, often once worn, is affordable. Antique shops sell used items – i.e. The items in an antique shop must be used items to qualify as antiques!

Charity shops are not focused on retail sales but rather are a means to an end which could support a cause such as people with disability.


Your saving money by shopping at these shops becomes mindful shopping with conscience.  Their shelves are usually packed with all sorts of quirky, interesting treasures, scattered amongst entirely everyday items. It is not unusual to see a beautiful crystal glass juxtaposed against a cheap coffee mug. These conscience shops offer a wide range of products dependent on what the donors donate. Stock changes constantly, so you never know what you will find, and you need to keep popping in. But they are guaranteed to save you money.

Several entrepreneurs have set up businesses around selling products made from recycled materials or by just selling on used goods.  At these stores, items like used wooden pallets and cardboard boxes are sold at much less than the original price.  Reuse and recycling are two of the chief pillars to managing our domestic waste.

Buy local.  Support your local charity shops and businesses selling used products.




2021 is the year of upcycling. Many people find themselves in a financial squeeze and it is time for a little out-of-the-box creative thinking.  Anyone can join the upcycling revolution.

Upcycling most often “… creates a product of higher quality or value than the original.”   It is all about a splash of creativity, taking something old, and worn, and turning it into something chic, modern, and useful.

A full-length evening dress is the new mini dress. The rusted wheelbarrow becomes a planter. The china teacup sans its saucer, is a sugar bowl. Plastic bottles are bird feeders. A surplus dining table cut down to size is a new coffee table. New upholstery, a lick of paint, and new handles can create beautiful trendy furniture.

Look around your own home or your local used product shop and get started with an upcycling project.

For a little inspiration simply Google upcycling ideas. There is a wealth of ideas online that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.


Stay up to date with our news and upcycling tips on our Facebook page.

Contact us 021 671 2698 or email us info@oasis.org.za

Find us at  the Corner of Lee Road and Imam Haron Road , Claremont, 7708

Trading hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 3pm;

Saturdays 9am – 1pm.


2021 Oasis reopening update


The New Year started with a bang and a stammer at Oasis.

We had planned to open Monday 11 January, but with the reinstatement of Level 3 COVID restrictions, and the alarming increase in the rate of transmission, we had to go back to the drawing board.

We are a family. Your safety is always our priority. Keeping our beneficiaries, our staff (700 in total) and you, our customers safe is and always will be our first consideration.

Many of our beneficiaries and staff have health vulnerabilities, and with staff travelling during the festive season, the risk of infection was simply too high.


News of our first COVID cases arrived with the New Year, so we delayed our opening by a further two weeks and most of us stayed home. Those who could worked from home.

A skeleton staff has now returned to duty. We have started setting up our shops. Many more are scheduled to return next week, in the hope that the worst of this second wave has weakened.

We are so excited and we are looking forward to re-uniting with you, our family – It has been too long.


Our Claremont shops are stocked and ready. They will open Monday 1 February at 9 am.


Our Claremont recycling will also re-open Monday 1 February. Yes, our services are still limited, but we are open, and for that, we are very grateful.

Please remember, when you drop off recycling, we can only take glass, aluminum tins, and all paper, cardboard, magazines and books.

Our drop-off will also be operational from Monday 1 February, gratefully receiving any donations of books and bric-a-brac, for which we thank you in advance.


Oasis Co-Op

We are launching a new Oasis Co-Op, where we will be selling bottled goods, handmade sweets and fudge, knitted or sewn items and much more… Through an application process, we will make space on our shelves available to those with beautiful handcrafted items, delicious homemade treats (excluding baked goods) and those who upcycle materials into on-trend items.

If you would like to become one of our suppliers please email Gail Bester at director@oasis.org.za with photographs of your products and prices.

Through this initiative we hope to support entrepreneurial crafts people whose jobs or home industries have been decimated by the economic impact of COVID-19 by providing them with a space to sell their wares. We also believe that it is important to cater to those who are vulnerable to risk and hesitant about big malls and crowded shops and so we are hoping to create a safer, more accessible shopping environment for them. There are limited shelves and no guarantee that anyone’s products will be accepted. Terms and conditions apply.

Claremont shop open – At last!


Come and browse all your favourites.

New shops, new areas! We have spread the shop into 3 areas to enable social distancing:

  • Clothing at Lee Road Gate.
  • Bric-a-brac, technical goods, and art in the shop.
  • Books and furniture at recycling drop-off.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Trading hours: Monday – Friday 9am-3pm Saturday 9am-2pm


We are fiercely guarding the safety of our customers and staff and everyone will be required to adhere to our regulations (which are laid down for us by Departments of Labour and Social Development)

    • No mask = No entry
    • No sit down drinks or eats yet!
    • Screening stations with temperatures and questions, names and cell numbers (The latter for contact tracing – laid down for us)
    • Sanitising of hands
    • Strict adherence to social distancing
    • No fitting rooms or public toilets
    • Limited numbers in each shopping area
    • Limited time for customers
    • Pay for purchases in each area at each area pay point
    • Lee Road gate – only entry to clothing/shoes/bags
    • Imam Haron gate – entry to other areas but not clothing

Address: Corner Lee and Imam Haron Road, Claremont