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92 Bowery St., NY 10013


+1 800 123 456 789

Oasis has several enterprises that provide work opportunities for beneficiaries, while also reducing reliance on donor funding:

  • Recycling
    The aim of the recycling project is to create sustainable employment for people with intellectual disability, and to generate an income to subsidise our various programmes and support offerings. Oasis processes 70 tons of recyclable household and business waste a month. We currently accept paper, cardboard, glass jars, bottles, and aluminium beverage cans. We sell cardboard boxes, glass jars, and shredded egg boxes for animal bedding, composting, and packaging.
    Email us at recycling@oasis.org.za
  • Shredding: Oasis offers a reliable and confidential document shredding service.
    Email us at recycling@oasis.org.za
  • Outsourced Business Services. Oasis professionally executes contract-based work for businesses and manufacturers.  This includes activities such as sorting and cleaning; packaging, labelling and tagging; finishing processes etc.
    Email us at workshops@oasis.org.za


We also have a little “village” of four shops in Claremont which are the lifeblood of Oasis.

  • The Book shop stocks a huge range of high-quality, well-priced books, from fact to fiction, kiddies to cooking, and everything in between. Including a small range of antiquarian and collectible books.
  • The Bric-a-Brac shop is jam-packed full of delightful finds. From furniture and home décor items to household goods, games and toys, art, CDs/DVDs, electronic/electrical goods, and much more. All our gently used, pre-loved items are donated, and given a second life, by shoppers with a conscience.
  • The pre-loved fashion shop: ‘Relove our pre-loved’ is our motto! We stock a variety of wardrobe treasures, pre-loved vintage, and high-street fashion, sold at bargain prices. #wearclothesthatmatter
  • The co-op: Supporting our local traders! Our co-op space is shared with creative craftspeople and is the place to find unique, individually crafted gifting ideas.
  • Our Tea Garden is our “happy place”. Stocked with freshly baked items, straight from our bakery. Indulge in the best hot chocolate on the planet, and a delicious toastie, all served in our lovely outside tea garden.
  • Situated at our Claremont village, our bakery produces a range of delicious treats, freshly baked on daily basis. It supplies our Tea Garden, and bakes to order.


Shopping in Fish Hoek and Elsies River

  • You can also visit us at our shops in Fish Hoek and Elsies River where you will find a delightful array of books, bric-a-brac and pre-loved fashion.