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6 reasons to buy second-hand books

Let’s talk books! Old, new, used, borrowed. Does it really matter? A good book is a journey, no matter the journey of the book. If you are not yet a convert to the thrift movement and are still teetering on the edge, here are six good reasons to convert to buying second-hand books.

The price.

Let’s cut to the basics. Price. This is probably the biggest and most obvious reason to buy second-hand books. If you’re an accomplished reader, buying books second-hand will make a huge difference to your wallet. You can buy ‘almost new’ or rare and hard-to-find second-hand books at a good charity book shop. A new book can be pricey. A good, pre-loved book is always affordable. And the great thing is, regardless of price, its magic remains unchanged.

The Environment.

Second-hand is not cheaper simply because its ‘second-hand’ or an inferior product, it’s cheaper because there are no hidden costs built into the resale. No hidden ink, paper, glue, and storage costs that still need to be covered.  That’s all paid up in full! So that little investment, has a much smaller carbon footprint. Plus, if you buy second-hand books from a charity shop, the stock is entirely from donations and supports a good cause.

Finding notes in the margins.

You may or may not agree, but there is something to be said about old books, with ‘To my beloved’ notes on the cover page, dated 1928. Yes, some people love to keep every book pristine, but sometimes finding a personal inscription or little note between the pages adds so much character to a book. It’s lovely to read why someone thought their friend would love that book, or which passages meant a lot to the previous owner. And just like that you are no longer strangers! That momentary glimpse through time, becomes a journey unexpectedly shared with a good friend.


There are many little ways to enlarge your world.
But the love of books is the best of all” Jackie Kennedy


The pressure is off to keep it pristine.

I’m not sure how you feel about new books, but some can be rather intimidating. That wonderful new book smell screams to be preserved. The spine seems to weep and scar when you over-indulge and open too enthusiastically. It leaves you plagued with guilt for tagging the corner, no matter how small, or pencilling alongside a memorable quote. You feel irresponsible and neglectful, obligated to leave them as pristine as they are, perfect and unused. Not so, with used second-hand books. The pressure is off. The spine is already a little cracked and this leaves you free to just be and enjoy the journey.

Finding something new.

Life can do with a little more surprises. Every day, online, we order exactly what we need. A particular book, by a particular author, from a particular genre, at a particular price. And we get stuck, with no space or time for the unexpected! Not so in a second-hand bookstore. Unlike online or high price book stores where everything is organised and orderly, charity book shops are a journey of discovery. Some books are old, some new, some best sellers, some you literally cannot find anywhere else.

It goes to a good cause.

And yes, you guessed it, the five-star reason for shopping second-hand – is charity. In the case of charity shops like ours, all the funds raised from the sale of the books goes towards a great cause. Not only are you getting a bargain, but you’re also helping to support our intellectually disabled beneficiaries.

Here you can literally shop the world happy! It doesn’t get much better than that.

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